Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally i am a mommy

It's been a long time that i haven't posted anything in my blog due to the fact that i just had my precious baby girl on  October 29, 2009 around 11:45pm during Colorado' first snow storm, i delivered her normally with the help of epidural actually i broke my water the night before we went to the hospital and thanks God everything was ok... i called this nurse hot line if i really have to go to the hospital because my water broke and i was not on labor at all and she said yes you gotta go  right away and we were on a rush and at the hospital they checked my cervix if i was dilated and  said i was still 2cm so ,the doctors decided for me to be induced and i was, till i was on labor around 10:30pm and as i said i had her around 11:45pm that was really a quick labor and i was so happy when yana came out and cried right away it felt like heaven seeing your angel the first's really a wonderful feelings that it's very hard hard to explain but i know all the mommies out there know what i am trying to say...anyhow, yana's weight was 6 pounds and 15 ounces and height was 19 1/4'' but now she is getting a little bigger, time goes so baby girl is gonna be 3 weeks tomorrow how exciting to watch your baby grows up every single day, seeing her smiles and hearing her cries...I am just a very proud mom and so happy for this amazing creature that God gave us...She is my everything, my life, my treasure, my precious and my one and only Yana...Before i stop typing i just want to say thank you for all the friends who visited us when we were in the hospital and who visited us in our house as well...for those who were not able to visit us yet it's ok i know you guys are busy out there but thank you for all your messages and comments to my facebook and friendster...Lastly, i just want to share some of yana's photos here it is...

Monday, October 19, 2009

just updating my blog

sorry to all of you here that i wasn't able to update my blog lately because i was just too busy preparing everything for our coming baby girl and been sick a lot as well and suffering a lot of pain. well, it is all because of this pregnancy and hoping it's all worth it...i am just very excited to meet this little angel inside of me but on the other hand, i am also nervous and scared not to give birth, but to be a mom if i can give everything what she needs in life or if i can be the best mom for her, lots of emotions i am feeling lately...and i know this is just normal causes of the changes of hormones in my body....oh! well!!!! 3 more weeks to go cause i am already 37 weeks and a day and 1cm dilated already hoping she will come pretty soon....but of course, i will just have to wait patiently for her is just that, the last month is so hard especially you are very impatient like you can't wait anymore for her to see the chaos, mysterious world that we are is full of mystery that you can not even explain and it is all true...anyways, gotta go and tell you later about my pregnancy update guys....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sad day for me and hubby

Today my hubby, our baby puppy cyril and i went to boulder river for fishing but of course i am 31 weeks preggy so, i can't do fishing unfortunately though i love fishing so, it's only ivan and as always he loved it so much because that's one of his hobbies...well, what i did while ivan was in the water with cyril i was just listening to my ipod in our car and it was so funny that my baby inside in my belly was kicking so hard and i think she loves music she never stopped until i turned the ipod off and she then stopped, that was really amazing how she reacted and i was so happy...On our way home, ivan was the one who drove our car and he usually opened the window of our car in order for cyril to watch the surroundings outside and accidentally our puppy wasn't able to balance and he fell down on the road and we thought he died, my heart beat so fast like i was so worried and scared to death of what happened to our baby cyril and ivan stopped the car at the middle of the road and checked if cyril was ok and thanks to God cyril is alive but he just have a lot of scrapes on his head and body i was really terrified of the incident...Our dog was shaking till we got home he never barked at all and ivan took him from the car and we put some ointment to his wounds but until now we're still worried if he break some bones or something i hope not...We just love cyril so much like our own son...That was really a miracle of what happened to him he was so fortunate that there was no car on the other lane if there was i don't know what's gonna happen but right now he just want to be so close to us like a baby that get hurt...anyways, got to go and eat dinner...have a great night...till then...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Had a very hectic schedule today

Gosh! i was very exhausted of all the stuff that we did with hubby today though i didn't walk that much but still, my whole body is dead.First that we did, we went to the bank deposited some money and paid our mortgage as well and some other stuff and second, we went to the travel agency in northglenn to check if they have a vacation going to mexico for my  step kids and parents in law for them to have some fun while my hubby and i are going to watch and spend time for our coming bundle of joy...Then, we went to krasimir's car shop hubby's friend and business partner for their buy and sell cars and there i passed out in the chair for about an hour or so until my dog cyril barked and i was forced to wake up! From there, we went to a bulgarian cafe we ate and bought some stuff from there too..And after that, we went to lowes bought some paint stuff for our house because hubby wants to put a different colors of paint in our whole house before our coming baby will arrive..He just wanted our house to look better when the baby arrives. And the last thing we did, we bought some groceries and finally went home and  took 2 hours nap and ate dinner...Have a fabulous weekends my friends!!!! nite2x

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prenatal Appointment Today

Today, i had my 7 month prenatal appointment with dr. conageski, so far everything is normal with the baby just i am anemic or my blood pressure is so low that's why she told me to take an iron supplement...Besides that, this month my body is just so weird like everything hurts all the time and doctor said; everything is  just normal for the last trimester! but of course, i was just so worried due to the fact that, i lost my oldest daughter last year and  right now i am on bed rest and i am so glad that my employer are very considerate and understanding for my situation right's so hard that im not working  for a while i aint got no money  because as for me i love having money of my own and not accepting my hubby's money it's just so different and i think some of you friends out there you all know what i mean of not having our own money! anyhow, money is not important to me as of this moment because i can come back to work anytime i want, all i care is my baby inside of me that she will be alive, healthy and no complication or whatsoever God's will! since i was in college all i wanted and dreamed in my life is to have a healthy, loving, happy family (husband and child) and now i already got a wonderful but high temper hubby if he's mad or something and a coming baby girl this is all i want and nothing else...that's how simple my dream is! i am hoping and praying that God will  finally give us the sweetest bundle of our joy this time...i can't write that long anymore...gotta eat now baby's hungry...i just wanna share my life and stories with you all...till next time!!! but before i will say goodbye i want to share with you my baby yana's ultrasound it is!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A poem for my baby dessi up in heaven

I never had the chance
To hear you talk,
Our time ran out
Before you could walk.

You were born with wings
A sign we knew,
That the man upstairs
Would soon come for you.

They laid you in my arms
And I quietly mourned,
For my dark haired angel
That I had born.

I never had a chance
To see your eyes,
He took you away
With no time for good byes.

I think of you often
And wonder why,
I never had a chance
To hear your first cry.

You were a special little girl
An enchanting rose,
The moment I held you
Our time suddenly froze.

I never had the chance
To watch you grow,
Or hear your laugh
As we played in the snow.

I never had the chance
To give you a mother's love,
But I know you're always there
Watching over me from above.

new to this site or

i always heard  from my friends about blogging stuff that it is fun and they made some money through it and before i just ignored it but lately i was just wondering what's in this site and how did they make money from here and of course talking about money it's a catching of attention and the other night i was trying to surf it online and read some stuff in here and it's kinda confusing or probably i just really need to focus attention what i am reading so, i decided to ask mom tess to help me out and she did...she is a  really big help for me to start my own site and right now i am starting to learn how to blog or communicate with friends or bloggers...please bare with me guys!!! everyone, this is my very first time in here and i really don't know what i am doing lol...i am hoping that i will learn so fast so, it will be easier for me and everybody...i will do my very best to improve my site...and i think through blogs i will improve my english better. to tell you the truth, i really hate reading and writing but this is a very big challenge for me and i  love challenges in life and i am taking it!!! wish me luck!!! please be patient of my grammar because for me, it is better to talk than to write or read and i am not use to it at all....i thank you all so much guys for dropping or taking time to visit my all have a great night... but before that i just want to share with you the picture of my  dog cyril...